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South Toowoomba Junior Rugby Union is a rapidly developing
club that provides a safe, structured environment for children aged from 5 - 17 to play sport for enjoyment and to develop the skills required to achieve success in all aspects of life.

Incorporated in 1992 the Club has grown to a point where the level of personnel and financial resources required to sustain the service provided, needs a greater commitment from the community at large. Not everyone can contribute time but a financial contribution from businesses will not only benefit the business directly through advertising but will also provide vital resources for our volunteers and players .


The community as a whole benefits from the next generation of “achievers”.


No where is this more evident than in the business sector highlighted by the chronic shortage of competent job applicants. From a financial perspective, depending on the level of sponsorship, arrangements can be made for your business logo to be displayed on the players jerseys or shorts. This will serve as an effective form of advertising as parents from our teams and opposing teams will get exposure to your business.


Your business will gain further exposure on our dedicated web page with your logo prominently displayed and links directly to your website. With 200 kids registered in 2016 all wearing club kit and 2017 looking to have 175 jerseys, extending our apparel range with player hoodies, shirts, and coaches shirts allowing your business to gain even more exposure.


Your details will be listed on all Club correspondence ensuring all our members acknowledge your involvement and as our under 16 & 17’s year olds look to enter the workforce, we will make them aware of your contribution to their social development and perhaps they can return the favour by becoming your next key employee.


From a social and community perspective the result is immeasurable.


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